ebike is appraised as Christmas gift in Sweden

electric bicycleWith the advent of Christmas,Swedish people step up procurement of Christmas gifts.Swedish Trade Federation HUI research institute announced in November 21 that ebike become the most popular gift this year in Sweden.

The institute declared that ebike turned from unique products into attractive mass consumer goods,has the potential to change social infrastructure and human behavior.

“Electric bicycles will have a bigger market,It relieves the pressure on private cars and public transport,and has the potential to accelerate the development of smart city”,said the CEO of HUI,Jonas Arnibal.

Arnibal said that “Corresponds to the positive contribution of climate change,lead the new trend of health,government subsidies for electric bicycles makes it the super years Christmas gift.”He pointed that one out of every 10 bicycles is an electric bike,Sweden sold about 4,5000 electric bicycles.





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